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• Cleans Without Chemicals
• Soft-Won’t Scratch-Safe For All Surfaces
• Removes Smudges, Grease and Oils With Ease
• Picks Up Dust and Microparticles Like a Magnet
• Non-Electrostatic
• Super Absorbent-Absorbs 7 Times Its Weight in Water
• Dries in 1/3 the Time of Ordinary Towels
• Lint Free and Non-Abrasive
• Reusable and Washable (more than 100 times)
• Hypoallergenic
What is Microfiber

Microfiber is a man-made material that is used in cleaning applications. It is made by combining two basic fibers, polyester and polyamide (a nylon by product). These fibers are then “split” and formed into a blend of 80% Polyester (the scrubbing and cleaning fiber) and 20% polyamide (the absorbing and quick drying fiber) and made into a microscopic wedge-shaped polyester filament with a nylon core. The combination of polyester and nylon that has the best characteristics of both--nylon for absorbing water and polyester for picking up oil. It can wipe away fingerprints with a little water rather than chemicals. There are approximately 90,000 microfibers in one square inch of a microfiber towel. The individual microfibers are less than 10 microns (a human hair is 250 microns wide) which allows the cloth to pick up fingerprints and dust of similar size without smearing. A single strand of microfiber is so small that it is almost invisible to the naked eye. The knitted cloth has a soft feel and uses principles of a technology called microreplication to reproduce precisely a pattern of tiny peaks and valleys in the fabric to trap dust. The capillary action of these filaments and nylon core creates a quick and strong absorbency, which enables the cloth to clean and polish at the same time.


Developed in 1993, the microfiber cloth was not a hit right away. It was perfected in 1997 and shown at a German commercial cleaning trade show, where it was a hit with cleaning professionals. In the United States, microfiber cleaning products are viewed as “Brand New, Revolutionary, Space Age Technology!” In Europe, however, where reusable cloths are preferred for environmental reasons over the paper towels that Americans favor for everyday cleaning, business and families have been enjoying the many benefits of microfiber cleaning towels for over ten years. Therefore, microfiber cleaning product technology was accepted in most European countries in the 1980’s, almost as soon as it was developed. In contrast, most Americans have only enjoyed microfiber cleaning products in the last few years. For a product so incredibly useful, environmentally friendly and cost effective, less than 2% of the entire population of North America has even heard of microfiber.